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Lake Area Nursery is a cannabinoid cultivation facility located in Hawthorne Florida,
just a short drive from the artistically vibrant community of Gainesville.

How We Grow Plants

We believe the best fertilizer is the footsteps of the farmer and naturally derived organic inputs. We grow a highly craft product, and every single flower bud, seedling, or clone that leaves our nursery has been meticulously cared for with the highest standards of practice and intentionality. We grow a product that we believe in fully, and only approve the highest quality genetics.

There is a lot of love that goes into our plants, and we guarantee quality in everything that leaves our doors. We began sourcing the best available genetics in 2019, and have strategic partnerships to meet the rigid requirements on growing hemp here in Florida. We are breeders, with a commitment to producing the highest quality flower with a focus on cannabinoid profiles, terpenes, and flavonoids.

Lake Area Nursery is only growing AOSCA approved varieties that exceed expected germination and feminization rates which are both required by our State.

We are proud to announce our transformation into a legal Florida hemp farm beginning in 2020. We are both a licensed nursery, and a licensed hemp seed dealer.

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Lake Area Nursery has delivered quality flowering plants all over the world for the last 36 years. The owner, John Gray, has innovated ornamental horticulture and has been recognized all over the world for his accomplishments.

Meet the Team

Owner John Gray

John Gray has owned and operated Lake Area Nursery for the last 36 years and continues to deliver quality plant products across the world.

John received his B.S. in 1980 from The University of Florida in Ornamental Horticulture. Because of his keen understanding of plants, John was involved in early Jojoba research and was one of the first to use radiation in his breeding efforts. 

Not content to grow other people’s varieties, John experimented with variations of his own, and is now the owner of 7 patented plant varieties. John has licensed growers all over the world to grow and sell his patented tropical flowering plants.

Our Mission

We are pioneering the future of hemp research, cultivation, processing and distribution globally, and we intend to become trusted breeders in the legal hemp markets throughout the world. We aspire to pave the way, legitimize, and innovate the future of our industry by building the world’s most trusted hemp nursery business.

Why choose us for your hemp genetics?

We are plant experts, we will deliver consistency and quality in every product we offer. Your success is our success. We have close ties with testing labs, processors, strong genetics, and pride ourselves on our integrity.

How does our brand stand apart?

We are currently pursuing an organic farm certification.  All of our plants will be grown using our trade secrets designed to supercharge trichome, cannabinoid, terpene & flavonoid production to ensure you only get the best herb on the market.

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