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Mandevilla 'Red Velvet' is a tropical vining plant that produces large 5-6" flowers that are "red when it's hot (85F) and pink when it's cool".  In the heat of late spring and summer the blooms turn a beautiful bright red color.

As the name implies, the blooms look like red velvet.  In the early spring, with cooler temperatures the blooms are various shades of pink, then as temperatures warm to the mid 80’s the flowers began to turn bright red. The flowers last for about 5 days. They open pink and turn red as they mature. Since flower color is affected by temperature, light and humidity, it is not known for sure that the bright red color will appear in all areas that the plant is grown. The color in Florida is bright red under Florida conditions when temperatures are over about 80 degrees F.

Each flower stem will last months and may produce as many as 60 blooms with 3-5 blooms open at one time. Once in flower the plant will flower constantly, producing many flower stems. Its peak flowering season is March through November but may bloom year round if protected from freezing temperatures. It grows best in full sun conditions with moist soil and a medium rate of fertilizer. Blooms appear approximately 10-12 weeks after pinching.  

Mandevilla ’Red Velvet’ is ideal for trellised containers or hanging baskets. ‘Red Velvet’ is very vigorous and grows faster and stronger than other Mandevilla.

Growing Tips

Mandevilla 'Red Velvet' 
U.S. Plant Patent No. 12238.  

As patented plants, propagation is prohibited by law.  To grow your own, you must buy your plants from a licensed grower.

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